Proven Reliability

Our customers have enjoyed a 100% success rate in our System Development services for the last 10 years.

International Quality

We have processes in place to plan, develop, test and deliver IT solutions with exceptional quality, performance and support.

14 Years Experience

Working in a global market with a variety of industries gives us competence that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Who we are

Blue Ball Co., Ltd. is an small, driven, niche IT company based in Bangkok, Thailand, specialised in developing software solutions for the manufacturing, banking and insurance industries in Thailand and around the world.

Our commitment to success is absolutely unmatched in Asia, with a proven record of 100% success developing, managing, and consulting projects for the last 10 years.

With a constant focus on quality, reliability and timely deliveries, we stay profitable by keeping a small, selected group of clients, who trust our processes, knowledge and deliveries.

Since we decided to be a niche company, rather than a mass company, we don’t waste energy constantly looking for new customers, which allow us to concentrate on results, on quality, on building strong relationships with each one of our customers.

With such an enviable position in the market, we can choose customers that are aligned with our principles, people that care about quality and success. We are happy to take new customers on board, as long as their mindset and policies align with our values.

If you understand the value of well developed software, an experienced team of project managers with proven success, or the expertise of our top level consultants, we then want to hear from you.

Why Us?

Quietly, working hard and delivering successfully every single time, Blue Ball stands now as the most reliable IT company in Thailand. It may sound arrogant, but our outstanding results stand out from the mediocre crowd.


Blue Ball delivers every time, which means you only invest one on your IT solutions. That is why we never compete over prices, – those who appreciate the flavor or success, aren’t going to pick other companies over price, they prefer quality and reliability-. Now ask yourself, what kind of customer are you?

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