At your disposal 14 years experience, expansive internal capabilities, deep understanding of business processes and architecture focused on developing software to resolve, optimize or enable business processes in the most practical way.

We have delivered successfully reliable systems to companies in Finland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, US, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand since 2003.

Our approach to software development:

  • Simple highly oriented solutions are the way to go
  • The simplest most elegant architecture to serve the main purpose
  • Usage of the most aproppriate technology for each specific development
  • Development must be upgradable, scalable and easy to maintain

We usually follow a hybrid development process (traditional + Agile) as we have found this way works best in real world scenarios when dealing with big projects.

Development stages:

  • On the negotiations stage our CIO or our Project Manager communicate with you to outline the vision and the best solution for the project.
  • On the production stage developers, testers and designers work according to schedule. You have communication with a single, pre-agreed contact point. Changes and risk management are discuss as necessary
  • On the post-implementation stage you receive all the deliverables according to the release schedule. Support and training (including troubleshooting, development and installation of workarounds and patches) are integral parts of development contracts.
    Blueball cares about business continuity by having a strict policy on back up, versioning and documentation.

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