Zulu is the application service on cloud for small and medium business (SME). Provides full operation control that businesses are really need such CRM, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory and Management Report. Able to use on PCs, tablets and mobile devices in any Operating System.

Zulu’s Innovations:

  • Cloud Platform and True SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • Applied User Experience Interface replacing old ERP system style.
  • Responsive Design. Allows user to work anytime, anywhere and any devices.
  • Fastest setup application to start business management.
  • Unified processes into one click.
  • Integrated Smartphone functions into the system.
  • Integrated with Google Services.

The Advantages:

  • Easiest business management application ever!
  • Localized for business in each country.
  • Multi-language application.
  • Able to work anytime, anywhere and any devices.
  • Affordable price for any business. No setup fee.
  • Unified processes into one click.
  • Short-time contract.
  • Fastest starting business application.
  • Integrated with Google services.

Find more information about Zulu from: www.zulusalesapp.com


Assure Sales is a powerful system developed for Insurance and Assurance companies.

With it, you can propose Quotation with different packages to your end customer, convert the information to Application Forms, and even pre-underwriting with conditions, pre-configured in the system.

Payments can be done, integrated with Banks’ Payment Gateways. One-Time Payment and/or Installment Payment Plan (IPP) are supported.

Once payment has been received, the Underwriting process starts, it gets transferred to the “Completed Sales Application” and transfer to other system.

AssureSales supports the operation from Front-Desk Sales, Telesales, Broker channels and etc.

User has many ways to input data such as from Desktop PC and Tablet, interfaced through Web Services or Off-Line Excel upload.

Customers also can sign digital documents straight on the tablet.


ProLevel is a powerful web-based ERP solution to manage your business and empower your sales cycle.

ProLevel is our proprietary business solution. It was designed specifically to answer the needs of companies doing business in Thailand, while keeping to the highest standards of development and architecture.

ProLevel is a safe, modern and efficient system due to its modern architecture and built with the latest technologies. It was inspired by our experience working with some of the biggest Japanese companies in the world for over 10 years.

ProLevel has been deployed successfully in many Japanese and Thais companies working in Thailand as well as in Swiss and German companies doing business in their respective countries.

ProLevel is split in modules that allow for a rapid implementation and customization of our products. This also allow permanent upgrades and updates to keep improving your system.

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