It has been 14 years since we started developing software for all kind of industries. We have served companies in America, Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia.

Every case had its challenges and complexities, but in this area, we analyze some of the projects that were specially challenging to us. Sometimes is the environment in which software will be used, amount of users, sheer responsibility or technological solutions that pushed the grounds of what IT could achieve at the time of development.

These are only examples to show with clarity Blue Ball’s performance, imagination and reliability when others would have failed.


Customer Description:

World largest producer of Memory Flash Cards (at the time of development).

Service description:

Consulting, Architectural Design and System Development.

The System:

Create a fast, efficient system to control the production of Memory Flash Cards samples for customers around the world.


Understand an extremely complex production system and find ways to get new sample’s produced without affecting the rest of the production. We had to reengineer the process in order to make it efficient and error-free. Besides that, there were many details that had to be thought an resolved thoroughly, such as:

  • Each customer required a different quality processes, checking, packing, labeling and shipping.
  • Each product might have had special checking, packaging or labeling depending on materials employed on its fabrications.
  • Each branch of the same customer company had special requirements determined by them or by the country where they were established.*
  • Some processes varied depending on origin of the sample*

*To magnify this problem the conditions are permanently changing as new products are added, country and delivery services rules change and customers request specific procedures.
Failure to comply with any of the required steps will result in failed shipping, damaging Spansion reputation and maybe endangering contracts.

The solution:

Working in close integration with the production engineers and the head of each involved department the possible workflow steps were identified.

It was agreed to start with the main 35 workflows and the necessary ‘tasks’ to match each possible activity, variations according to different sampling, testing and replacement per station were identified and made precise business rules.

Full use of the workflow engine was made to allow complex human interactions; stations could break up a single flow step in multiple events an even process the step on many days without affecting the flow or losing its state.

A set of reports, triggers and alarms were created to help make the operation flow more efficient and avoid ‘forgotten’ samples.

As in every dynamic company the performing roles were subject to changes making also good use of our security framework.

To simplify the task of creating new workflows a master workflow was created that allowed dynamic setting of child flows fully configurable through a simple XML format while keeping the main security and operation constraints as the parent flow: A workflow engine running a flow that run workflows.

Advanced CSS was used to allow printing from browser to match 99.9% the existing documents.

Tools and Technologies:
  • Web system
  • PHP + Oracle
  • Bb framework v.2.0
  • Bb workflow engine
  • Bb security engine
  • Barcode classes
  • Remote printing
  • Advanced CSS
  • Advanced AJAX

After extensive testing of 100% of the cases verifying each step and each report by every involved engineer and head of department the new system was approved and delivered successfully.


Customer Description:

Thai Public listed company, top five MLM company at the time of development.

Service description:

Consulting, customization and implementation of ProLevel (our proprietary ERP solution).

The System:

Develop a system to handle the core operations of the business with a member section that allow a high level of interactivity to help them reach their year targets.


The customer uses a complex trinary system with roll-ups, matching bonus, sponsor bonus, funds, qualifies, coupons, strong-weak links and box limits for daily calculations based on member ranking that extends more than 100 levels deep.

The system had to allow:

  • Registration of new members keeping tight control of the structure and the relation of each member (new members’ help promoting ranking of higher levels).
  • Registration of invoices and credit notes that affect every higher level.
  • All back office operations extending to Forma (accounting software)

Also, to help stimulate their members’ activity (around 140,000 people distributed all across Thailand) the system had to allow members to consult their team’s status, to manage their activities, in order to maximize everyone’s profits.

The system required fast commission calculation to allow updating the whole tree information every hour and will have the daily and monthly commission ready on time.

As a final challenge, the company was to acquire many competitors, so the commission rules had to be flexible to allow continuous change to keep the plans attractive.

The solution:

The first step was to understand, document and improve the calculation process; we interact with their ERP provider to detect the existing information and to design the interfaces to retrieve and save new information.

Several web services were developed on both sides to integrate the systems.

Most of the logic for commission calculation was moved to the DB itself to accelerate the process.

A rich interface using AJAX was done to minimize the learning curve and to allow cashiers to work at the required speed.

Once the calculation logic was checked and approved, we set to make it more efficient; after data cleaning, structure and procedure optimization we were able to reduce the original 4 hours process to about 5 minutes process for daily transactions and 12 minutes for the monthly ones .

Many interface files for banks were made as well as a rich set of reports.

We also decided to extend our framework to provide excel downloading to every available listing.

Tools and Technologies:
  • MSSQL 2000
  • MSSQL stored procedures
  • Multiple Win 2003 servers
  • MSSQL data replication services
  • Web services
  • PHP
  • BB Framework 3.0
  • BB security modules
  • XLS binary maker

Our customer announced on public media (TV) the release of their new system and commission plan to promote their 1,000 million baht target per year.

As there was a delay in the delivery of the hardware (not handled by Blue BaLl), we made the system public in our own servers for a couple of weeks, receiving more than 5,000 per day.

The system was fully developed in time and we were able to release all the required optimizations before the deadline.

After the release of the system, many more phases have been added, acquired companies systems have been integrated, commission calculation has been changed 3 times and other modules such as inventory management /lending plans have been successfully.


Customer Description:

Leading Design and Construction company in Switzerland.

Service description:

Offshoring System Development

The System:

Create a system to control the construction of buildings, from foundation to completion and then to manage the commercial space inside those buildings.


Besides the natural challenges of any system development, this Offshoring Development presented a whole set of challenges, such as:

  • System’s specifications were provided in German
  • Understanding the German construction process
  • Keep constant, clear communication between our management team in Thailand, our developing team in Vietnam and the final customer in Switzerland.
The solution:
  • Every document was shared on a cloud drive for better tracking.
  • Blue Ball delivered weekly development reports.
  • Weekly Skype conversations
  • Weekly Test Results Report
  • Customer commited to test our deliveries in a weekly
Tools and Technologies:
  • SQL server 2008
  • SQL server reporting services

Due to the extraordinary commitment of both parties, this development was finish exactly as it was scheduled from the very beginning.

Customer is highly satisfied with the product and our services.


Customer Description:

One of the top 5 banks in Thailand

Service description:

Database Migration

The System:

After a multimillion bank merging deal, the resulting bank had to consolidate all their data in a single database.


The biggest challenge was that every single action had to be carried out with absolut timeliness. There was no space for the smallest error or misjudgement in deliveries, as it would have affected the daily operations of the bank. Other challenges were:

  • Handling data containing in excess of 10 million records per day
  • Database size in the level of therabytes
  • Operations had to have a guaranteed responding time
  • Data had to be cleaned and standardized before merge
  • Fixed, tight deadline
  • Clear cut success or failure delivery, no opportunity for corrections
  • Data came on Thai format, characters and dates
The solution:
  • Exhaustive analysis of both databases
  • Created reports on problems such as missing fields, conflicting formats, mistakes,etc.
  • Coded the script to merge the data
  • Proceeded to make the real merge
  • Checked the resulting merging data and fixed all problems found
  • Crosschecked all reports to ensure success
Tools and Technologies:
  • Unix Shells Script
  • On AIX
  • Oracle Loader

Blue Ball carried the migration successfully and on time. Along delivery we created checking reports for our customer such as:

  • Error Log Report
  • Summary Report

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